The Louisville Baseball & Softball Association (LBSA) was established based upon the values of sportsmanship, fellowship, loyalty, and teamwork both on and off the field.The Louisville Baseball & Softball Association (LBSA) is a baseball & softball organi

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Parent/Guardian Resources

Being a part of the LBSA Community requires both a promise and a commitment. We expect our parents/guardians to be committed to the organization and to get involved. We also require a promise via our Code of Conduct to positively contribute to our culture of values and community service.  There are many, many resources available with excellent guidance on how to be a great LBSA parent.

Parent/Guardian Website Guide



Please Consider Volunteer Coaching


As you register your son or daughter to play baseball or softball this year, please consider being a coach.  Your child is only this age one time.  Interacting with all the children and contributing to their growth is priceless. 


Registration Instructional Video

Family Account Page Instructions

Update Family Contact Information Instructions


Positive Coach Alliance for Parents 

The Nightmare Parent

Want to know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of parent "instruction", watch this video:


Code of Conduct:

The Board of LBSA has mandated the following Code of Conduct. All Board Members, Managers, Coaches, Volunteers, Parents and Players will read and acknowledge the following Code of Conduct.

  • I am appreciative of the time and energy which all officials, coaches, and volunteers generously give to my child and will support them with their approach and their efforts to help my child enjoy and learn the game of baseball.
  • I will follow all the rules and conduct
  • I will be responsible for my behavior at games and understand that I may be asked to leave if my behavior is not appropriate.
  • I will not tease, taunt, or humiliate any fan, coach, umpire, or player.
  • I will not use profanity towards any participant, coach, umpire, or league official.
  • I will be responsible for the behavior of my family members and friends that attend games.
  • I will not verbally abuse any fan, coach, umpire, or player.
  • I understand that if I am asked to leave an event that I may not return for any LBSA event for the remainder of the season pending review by the LBSA Board.
  • I will reinforce to my child the qualities of being part of a team and placing personal objectives second to team objectives.
  • I will make every effort to have my child attend each practice and game.
  • I will pick my child up promptly, within 15 minutes from practices or games. I will notify the coach if someone else will take my child home.
  • I will do my best to support LBSA and its fundraisers.

The Board of Directors will review all infractions of the LBSA Code of Conduct as well as any other conduct deemed inappropriate not covered in the Code of Conduct. The board may assess disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the league.